Tooth extractions are necessary when patients have teeth that can't be restored to their ideal condition or need to be removed due to certain oral conditions. Most patients who have to undergo extractions often fear the procedure assuming that it would cause a lot of pain. However, this is a common misconception as we ensure our patients get their teeth extracted with negligible pain.

Need for extraction

Cavities:Cavities can ruin the aesthetics of one’s smile and also expose the inner layers of the tooth to the microbes in the mouth. In most cases, suitable filling material or an inlay would be used to restore the tooth back to its form. But, when the extent of decay is too much, it is best to get the tooth extracted.

External trauma: External injury to the teeth can crack, chip or fracture them. This can expose the pulp to the microbes in the mouth and cause an infection. Such teeth can be restored using veneers, crowns, or composite bonding. But, when the extent of damage is too bad, it is best to get them extracted.

Impacted tooth: Wisdom teeth could get impacted due to complications in the jawbone. In this condition, the wisdom tooth could get stuck in between the gums and jawbone, thereby causing excruciating pain and putting the nearby tissues at risk as well. Extracting such teeth is the best option to handle such a condition.

How is an extraction performed?

Tooth extraction is perhaps one of the simplest dental procedures. Initially, the dentist would screen the teeth for damage, plaque, tartar deposits, and cavities. Prior to the extraction, the teeth will be cleaned thoroughly and local anesthesia will be administered. This helps to numb the teeth, gums, and the jawbone as well.

The tooth will be gripped firmly using forceps and shaken sideways. This helps the tooth to loosen from its socket. The tooth will then be pulled out in one firm motion, after which you will be asked to bite into a piece of gauze. This stops the bleeding and facilitates the formation of a clot. Suitable aftercare suggestions would be given to make sure the extraction site heals.

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